A slice of Costa Rica to share!

For the first four months of our trip to Latin America, we are in Costa Rica for a home-sitting on the Pacific coast. The Pacific is literally in our yard. How cool is that!

We invite you to share the place with us. The owner agrees on this: there is plenty of space! It is a tropical area of ​​22,000 square meters on the way to become a beautiful destination for travelers! Several cabins and rooms are ready for rental. The owner offers them to us almost free of charge in exchange of taking care of the property, their dogs and ensuring a presence on the premises at all times.

The last point is one of our motivations to offer you to share space with us: share the task of ensuring a presence at all times!

There is…

  • A well equipped commun kitchen with large gas cooker and fridge.
  • A commun open dining room with view of the sea.
  • Limes and coconuts, in profusion. Bananas, papayas and other fruits, in production! Free fruits!
  • A garden in the making: we are working on it! And you are invited to do the same if you feel like it.
  • Hammocks to enjoy.
  • A perfect place to relax, do yoga, read, write, meditate, play, … Surf! Pavones, right next door, is well known for its surf waves, the second longest in the world.
  • The sea and sunsets over the Pacific with the mountains of the Osa Peninsula at a distance.
  • Beautiful tropical flowers to smell.
  • Birds of all colors to observe and hear.

  • Howling monkeys we hear in the distance. We have not seen them yet!
  • Small lizards that come to make us cuckoos.
  • Butterflies, magnificent blue morphos, dragonflies and fireflies (among other insects to be observed … we are in Costa Rica! But biting insects are not that present…).
  • Four dogs (including probably a pregnant one) that follow us everywhere and are really nice once they know us!

Offer valid from now until the end of December.
Ideally to come for more than two weeks but we are flexible and open to all offers! Welcome to families !!
Do not hesitate to write to us privately to make a suggestion!


  • For families, a cabin with two double beds, a private bathroom and Pacific view.

In another part of the property, also with Pacific view:

  • Two other rooms with a double bed each and private bathroom (they are out of the room in the same building).
  • A room with bunk beds (4 or 6 seater, I have to check the number of mattresses available!) And private bathroom.

Most including one or two fans that have always been enough to sleep well! No AC.

Fees: $ 50 US per week + some tasks

We accepted this home-sitting contract and agreed to pay some fees to stay. And some responsibilities, to share with us too (like fetching drinking water at the local market, for example).

It is the price for an overnight stay in a local hotel … do the math 😉

With these fees, in addition to a room with a sea view, are included: water, electricity, propane gas, garbage collection and lawn care by a gardener (you can do it if you prefer to save $ 20 each week).

It’s here!


In summary :

  • $ 50 per week + some small tasks
  • From September to December
  • Near Pavones, Costa Rica

So, you like it?

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