We are moving, it's official

It’s official we are moving out of Québec for an undefined period.

But Why ?

Because we want to experience something else, because we want our kids to learn other languages, because we want to grow most of our food, because we want to be outside in a nice weather and not live inside the house half of the year, because fresh papayas are awesome. Because we don’t have to live where our ancestors landed twenty generations ago. Because we can.

I can work from anywhere. Nomad programming. After testing the waters a few months ago I now know there’s full of contracts available.  And we don’t need much to satisfy our needs.  Mustachians, Simple Living, Less is More, Zen. Name it! We want to experience all of that fully, in family.

Right now we are busy selling almost everything we own.  It was hard at first, but it is becoming easier each day. At first, I was only seeing the  lost opportunities. But after I let it go the damn thing, I feel better almost instantly, like removing weight on my shoulders. So it became easier and easier as I realized it make me feel good. We still have most of our things to sell, our house, our car and so many other things.

But the journey has begun.

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